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So yeah, 2 things:

Maine is a pretty cool state and has Moxie (literally, it's a tasty drink), but I hear that it's much like Oregon, so I may have to investigate this.

Other point of interest: Inception is a pretty awesome movie. I had to share that because I am listening to the music now thinking "I think I need to actually buy this movie" because it has shooting, messing with people's minds, and surprisingly not short by any means on plot (not to mention the love interest was actually somewhat interesting and added to the story rather than got in the way). grab your friend(s) and go see it now and then see it again when it's in the dollar theatre. Anyhow, that's all.

I need to find a way to post pictures or something, I have tons.

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MaybeI should drink somE water and get up from the floor...

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Indeed I am still around and alive. Haven't posted in forever either. I guess I've been busy and whatnot. Just got to go to Missouri with Marty and company. Had lots of fun out in the boonies and hanging out with friends. Saw a bald eagle which was cool, ginormous bird too. Now I'm battling bug bite wounds on my legs. Most insects know better, but apparently a few don't and it's relatively unpleasant. Though Mike managed to keep the wine I gave him all this time and opened it up for everyone to try. Everyone liked it (including several non-drinkers, including Marty) to which I was really glad. I myself enjoyed it too, it turned out nicely.

Also fun times, I realize that golden puffs or whatver they're called are not enough to sustain me for several hours. After nearly blacking out in front of a bunch of little kids at work I opted to find something denser to eat. I found some sort of raspberry glazed pound cake or somesuch... denser by far.

For now I am making a tentative shopping list and trying to figure out what all I need.

Introduced tigerbalm to marty for her knees and am somewhat sad that I left it over at her place as my knees are hurting now... Oh well, I'll tough it out until I'm back over there.

Also, I obtained a Wii for those who didn't know. I have a second controller in the mail and maiokart, it's going to be fun once that's all together which brings me to another point. I think people need to come visit me at my place in the big Lafayette.

Anyhow, I need to go change my laundry over and potentially get shopping if I ever decide on what I need.

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For those involved/interested. This is the plan:

I scramble through next week, and the one after finishing homework and completing registration, but all that is aside the point.

Spring Break.

I am going to drive down Friday night (March 7th) to Clarksville. I will be in the So. IN area/Louisville area until Wednesday night (March 12th). Upon which I shall return to West Lafayette to work for the remaining two days that week.

If anyone wants to plan anything, let me know. This is aimed primarily at passenger(s) (I don't think I have more than one, but might as well stick that 's' on there) anyone in general that wants to do something, it's good to know beforehand.

This is all assuming weather is moderate to favorable for driving in. Probably doesn't mean much considering what I drove down in last.

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With the onset of another week, I'm expecting it to go by quickly (otherwise, I will be displeased). I am looking very much forward to Thanksgiving break, Thanksgiving dinner, and T2 (thanksgiving 2). I want these couple of weeks to absolutely fly. Granted, that may not happen, but still, doesn't stop me from wishing it.

Also, Sunday was pretty cool, got to go to walk the Delphi canals. Very pretty scenery, took lots of pictures with my broken camera. Saturday was crazy too... still have got to get the picture of me before riding home in the trunk.

This week looks pretty sweet, as it's the first one in about 3 months that I haven't had an exam/lab practical to do. That makes this week a lot easier, not to mention with the approaching vacation, people are leaving, making some classes cancelled, enabling me more hours to work. Stockpiling money for vacation is always good.

Next week... *shudder* may not be so pleasant. Organic exam, microbiology lab practical, 2 final lab reports due for organic chem labs, a report for FS about a recent award, in addition to my standard homeworks/activities I think is a bit much; but hey, I bet I'll be so busy I won't have time to realize how fast the week has gone by. Mmm, silver linings....

Anyhow, I'm sitting at work, thinking I should finish my organic prelab... shouldn't take too long, just have to start it.

Totally excited about my wine flavored juice drink... Peach blackberry.. I'm waiting for all the sediment to fall out of solution so I can put the batch into final containers. It's got a pretty orange/pink color to it, and I'm hoping I can get it to clarify more before christmas.

Best of all about this week... I get my chef hat. Not only my hat, but I also get my apron and knife set... bwahahaha, I'll finally get to use my knives. Now I just need to invest in a 9x13" baking pan so I don't have to borrow one to make baklava or cake (or etc).

Anyhow... enough procrastination, back to reading er *cough* doing work.. at work.

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First all this crap I have to do thursday, then the only thing that made this week worth looking forward to (other than my redrilled bowling ball and exams being over) was watching my uber-check go through... but no, they screwed that up. That's just peachy, it's not like I wanted to buy a textbook or anything... granted I did get last two weeks paycheck as normal, but geez, not the uber lump sum. Gah, gotta wait another two weeks. Maybe by then I'll have my car too.

And also, I didn't sleep well, big surprise, but this was for a different reason. left the window open with the fan on as it was mildly warm and comfy last night, then I wake up in the middle of the night and it's absolutely frigid (I was also so tired that I couldn't figure out why my feet kept sticking out of the blanket so much until late when I realize the blanket had turned sideways), so that might explain why I was having wacky dreams (which rarely happens) about getting trapped under water and nearly drowning... thems some fun times there. I was annoyed when I woke up because I wanted to see what happened *and* it woke me up.

Ugh, guess I better finish my lab.

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Because everything I touch breaks. First my camera, then my car, now my bike. Granted, I'm not fixing these myself, but geez, I have no wheels!

Apparently, my bike trip through Floyd Knobs was in fact made more difficult because I had already shattered my rear axle w/o knowing it. I proceeded to bike around (unknowingly) messing up the bearings and cones. So when I took the bike to the shop to have it healed, they basically said 'holy crap, what did you do to this bike? You're gonna need a new wheel.' So that's what I do, get a new wheel. Of course, no bike until saturday, which makes me sad... walking is so slow and I refuse buses (unless it's ~-10 degrees).

I lighter news, my car is like brand spankin new now. It's got an engine with a 3rd of the miles prior on it, new filters, belts, and oil all around (and yes, the oil plug is in tight, I asked, and they laughed). Apparently my half-shaft was worn too and had that replaced... so it seems my car runs super well. I want my stereo.. I mean car, back *shakes fist at walmart again*

I also now have a couch in my room, and it's totally large. Gotta figure out how to put the rest in there (two part couch).

Also... this is nuts... I'm already almost done with week two of school. Where did week one go? Secondly, where did most of week two go?!

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So already half-way through the week, I don't know what's happened to my time.

Last night was pretty cool, I baked brownies with the neighbors, then we all sat down to watch hook. Good times.

I'm finally getting caught up with all these meetings and such, and I'm getting things more organized now that I have purchased folders and notebooks. Yay, getting this done.

I just need to get my car and my couch, and I'll be good to go.

I also just heard from my mechanic, and he says there's a delay on my car being fixed because the first replacement engine had a bad spot wearing down the timing belt so they got another one, and aparently the second replacement is even newer than the first. (first replacement had 77k miles on it, less than half what mine had. second replacement has even less than that) They say that it should be all done monday. Let's see if I can get rental money out of walmart again for this delay.

I'm totally excited for this sunday because I get to help make sunday evening dinner (I make the dessert this time) and I'm thinkin baklava.

..and that history class? Well, it's exactly how it sounds, history. Not taking it, at least not this year. I have better things to do around that time, especially eat. Not to mention they require 4 books, and you must read them all (not a big deal) but you must also write multiple essays in addition to exams and a final plus class participation. I'll pass. I have things like organic chemistry and microbiology to be concerned with...and bowling... yes bowling...

Speaking of food, I'm hungry and getting off work... I think it's time for lunch.

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Yeah, that's why people look at me strange... that and maybe I'm slightly bigger-than-average.

In any case... 1 credit down, 17 to go. My first class of the week, ABSOLUTE FLUFF!! Whoo! Let's see, in a 2 hour lab, the class was there for twenty minutes. Granted, it was the first week, and it was a lab, but this class all we have to do is take stuff apart. And when I say take stuff apart, I don't mean like automobile engines or anything (which would rock), no, our projects are things like "take this fishtank pump apart, look at it, and put it back together". I heard that and realized that this is even *easier* than bowling. I can totally take fish tank pumps apart in my sleep (well, maybe, never tried :P).

I mean, sure, I have nothing to do until after lunch, but that's organic chemistry followed by microbiology. To that, I say "Hmm..." because I'm not quite sure what to think about that. I'm thinkin I'm gonna shoot for A's in both those classes and not just passing, 'cause I want dem braggin rights.

My 7'x9' sectional should be showing up here in a week or so, which is totally awesome. My room is pretty sweet, but I need some wall hangins' and that couch because the stark walls and uncomfy chairs in the living room are not very inviting.

In other news, I need to find me some cheap books because I got screwed on the funds (woot for incorrect estimates).

Also, now that I am posting later (halfway through this post the power went out), Microbiology and organic chem might be decent if I can get the books for them. We'll see.

I'm getting kinda tired and wonder what I'll eat for dinner, but that won't be for a little while because I am at work until 5:30, then have class until 6:45... I'm not sure what I think about this, what with it being so late *and* being history.

I'm winding down, but that might just be that it's been raining all day and I've only had my bike. Being wet, kinda cold, and tired (biking standing up all over campus will accomplish that quickly) will slow down your day. Maybe I'll pack an umbrella tomorrow.

Also, fun fact: roommate is pretty cool, fairly laid back. Even better, my neighbors are really cool. Both really nice, one happens to be the golden girl, the other is organizing a sunday dinner that we are going to conglomerate upon. So housing, much better than last year.

it's a lot, and there will probably be more later.

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After working a 10-hour shift and reading half the Silmarillion, I trudged home in the 90+ degree temps (w/~84% humidity). Upon arrival, I was handed an envelope containing my car fixin monies! Wheeeee! Mah car gets fixed soon!

With that said, I say holy crap to reading half the silmarillion. I didn't think I could absorb that much tolkien book in one day.

Woooo! Engine replacin time!

Also... I need some baked goods, and the bakery was closed last night and didn't have time to get there this morning, a frustrating quandery.

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